Metal halide perovskites for solar cells and LEDs
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报告题目:Metal halide perovskites for solar cells and LEDs


Metal halide perovskites have shown great promise for a new generation of optoelectronic devices, including solar cells and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). For perovskite solar cells, I will talk about our efforts to improve the operational stability, mainly through developing a new doping strategy for the spiro-OMeTAD hole-transport layer. In addition to the radicals, we include ionic salts that can further modulate the work function with negligible effects on the film conductivity, critical for reaching optimal open-circuit voltage values by a favorable energetic level alignment. Our findings pave the way for achieving PSCs with high efficiencies and excellent stability at the same time. For perovskite LEDs, a unique feature of perovskites, compared with emissive materials used in other LEDs, is that they can also efficiently detect light, making it possible to develop new applications which are hardly possible for other LED technologies. By making use of this advantage, we recently develop multifunctional displays using highly photo-responsive perovskite LEDs as pixels. Our perovskite LED display can be simultaneously used as touch screen, fingerprint sensor, ambient light sensor, and image sensor without integrating any additional sensors.

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