About SMSE


        School of Materials Science and Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology, was established and developed on the basis of the Ceramic Engineering Specialty, started earliest domestically in 1952 and the Plastic Technology Specialty founded in 1957. Now School of materials science & engineering is composed of the Department of Polymer Materials, the Department of Inorganic materials, the Research Institute of Materials, the Research Institute of Inorganic Materials, the Research Institute of National Defence Materials Engineering, and the Research Institute of Biomaterials. Besides, there are also the State Authorized Gem Testing Center, the National Technology Center of Biomedical Materials, the Research and Production Base of Composite Materials for Military Project under the Ministry of Education, the Engineering Research Center of Biomedical Materials Affiliated to Ministry of Education, the Key Laboratory of Ultrafine Materials Preparation and Application under the Ministry of Education,  the Key Laboratory for Specially Functional Polymeric Materials and Related Technology of the Ministry of Education, the Key Laboratory for Advanced Polymer Materials of Shanghai, the China Testing Center of Synthetic Materials for Sport Ground. As the first and second phases of construction item of Project 211, the discipline Materials Science becomes the key discipline of state and Shanghai. The Materials Experiment Teaching Center becomes the National Demonstration Center for Experimental Teaching.

       The school has 5 majors for undergraduate students at present, namely Polymer Materials and Engineering, Inorganic Non-metallic Materials Engineering, Composite Materials and Engineering, Materials Physics, Materials Chemistry, Non-metallic Materials Engineering(Major in Electronic and Information Materials)in the School. School has signed joint cultivating student agreements with many overseas universities, such as the University of Akron, University of Missouri, Lehigh University, Queen's University, the Union of French chemical engineer, University of Lyon First, Austria University of Leoben. At present, the first-class discipline and the post-doctoral research center in Materials Science and Engineering have been set up, and 9 subjects (Materials Science, Material Physics and Chemistry, Materials Processing Engineering, Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Nano-materials Technology, Biomaterials and Sports Materials) have been designated to confer doctorate and corresponding master’s degree as well. The School currently has a compact and well organized teaching and researching staff of good quality. Among its over 170 staff members, there are 42 professors, 65 associate professors or senior engineers, more than 30 doctorate supervisors, more 60 master supervisors.

        Under the hard work of the people from generation to generation, over the past 50 years, the School has cultivated a large number of excellent personnel for the national reconstruction. The school research directions are mainly focused on the following areas: materials physics and chemistry, materials reaction processing, advanced composite materials, nanomaterial and biomaterials. During the period of the 10th Five-Year Plan, the School undertook 388 important projects entrusted by the state, provinces, and ministries. The real funds for scientific research summed into more than one hundred million yuan. Some 400 theses were included in SCI, EI and ISTP. A number of treatises and textbooks were published. Over 80 patents were authorized 18 More than 10 awards in science progress were granted at the state, provincial and ministrial levels.