Liu Changsheng
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        Male , Born in 1967 , D.E.(Doctor of Engineering) , Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
7/1989          Bachelor of Science Degree, Hubei University
7/1992          Master of Engineering Degree
                     East China University of Science and Technology
7/1996          Doctor of engineering degree
                     East China University of Science and Technology
Professional Experience:
7/1992-2/1993         Assistant Professor, School of Biotechnology in ECUST
11/1999-8/2000  Professor, Director of Research Institute of Biomaterials for School of Materials Science and Engineering in ECUST
9/2000-present   Professor/Doctoral Supervisor, Director of Research Institute of Biomaterial for School of Materials and Engineering in ECUST
2002/8        Guest Scholar, Kyoto University/ Japan
3/2002-  present Director, Engineering Research Center for Biomedical Materials of    Ministry of Education
2005/3-2005/9 Visiting Professor, University of Pennsylvania/USA
12/2009-11/2015  present Dean, School of Materials and Engineering in ECUST

3/2012-    present President, Wego Institute of ECUST

1/2015-   Vice President, ECUST

Research Interests
Interdisciplinary backgrounds in biology, materials and chemical engineering. Expertising in biomaterials and related nanomaterial research, mainly including biological activity and biodegradable materials, injectable biomaterials, drug delivery system and intelligent biological materials. The materials above were used for hard tissue repairing, hemostasis and drug / protein controlled releasing etc..
Academic Community
Chinese Society for Biomaterials               Standing Member
Chinese Society f or Composite Materials         Member
Committee of Biological Materials of                  Standing Member
Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering                         
Journal of Inorganic Materials                                                  Editorial Board Member
Chinese Journal of Reparative and Reconstructive Surgery           Editorial Board Member
Professional Committee of Inorganic Biological and Environmental
Materials of Shanghai Ceramic Society                           Chairman of Committee
Typical Awards
1.         Silver Medal of International INPEX Medicine Invention (Pittsburgh, USA), 2002
2.         Second-prize Winner of National Award for Science and Technology Progress (China), 2003
3.         Fok Ying Tung Educational Foundation, 2004
4.         Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation-Prize for Scientific and Technological Innovation Award 2007
5.         Winner of Shanghai Talented Scientist on Science and Technology,2008;
6.         The Ministry of Education "Cheung Kong Scholars Program Distinguished Professor" , 2008.
7.         International Fellow of Biomaterials Science and Engineering, 2012.
Representative Publications
1  Lingyan Cao, Jing Wang, Juan Hou, Wanli Xing, Changsheng Liu, Vascularization and bone regeneration in a critical sized defect using 2-N,6-O-sulfated chitosan nanoparticles incorporating BMP-2, Biomaterials, 2014, 35(2):684-698
2  Fan Yang, Jing Wang, Juan Hou, Han Guo, Changsheng Liu, Bone regeneration using cell-mediated responsive degradable PEG-based scaffolds incorporating with rhBMP-2, Biomaterials, 2013, 34: 1514-1528
3  Jing Zhang, Huanjun Zhou, Kai Yang, Yuan Yuan, Changsheng Liu, RhBMP-2-loaded calcium silicate/calcium phosphate cement scaffold with hierarchically porous structure for enhanced bone tissue regeneration, Biomaterials, 2013, 34: 9381-9392
4  Osteogenic evaluation of calcium/magnesium-doped mesoporous silica scaffold with incorporation of rhBMP-2 by synchrotron radiation-based μCT. Biomaterials 2011;32(33):8506-8517.
5  A magnetic, reversible pH-responsive nanogated ensemble based on Fe3O4 nanoparticles-capped mesoporous silica. Biomaterials 2011, 32:1932-1942. 
6  Double-Network Interpenetrating Bone Cement via in situ Hybridization Protocol, Advanced Functional Materials, 2010, 20(22): 3997–4011.
7  Optimized DNA sequences encoded recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2) and preparation and application of the rhBMP-2, US 7947821 B2, 2011, May 24.

8  An Inorganic Bone Adhesive and Its Use in Human Hard Tissues Repairs, US 7094286 B2, 2006, Aug. 22.